Kingdom Impact Network

Consortium of Ministry Auxillaries

Welcome to Kingdom Impact Network, a dynamic consortium of ministry auxiliaries operating synergistically to usher in the Kingdom of God within the digital realm. Our mission is rooted in impacting lives through the transformative power of digital ministry, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our unwavering foundation.

Our Mission
At Kingdom Impact Network, our mission is clear—to make a profound impact on individuals’ lives by leveraging digital platforms for ministry. Grounded in the Gospel, we strive to reach people where they are, offering a message of hope, love, and redemption.

Our Vision
Our vision at Kingdom Impact Network is to foster connections among believers, creating communities that transcend geographical boundaries. We aim to be a catalyst for Christian discipleship, evangelism, prayer, intercession, and personal development in relationships. Our vision extends beyond local confines, reaching nationwide and global audiences.

Consortium of Ministry Auxiliaries
Intercessors’ Conclave
Dive into a dedicated space for prayer warriors at the Intercessors’ Conclave. Join hands with believers globally as we unite in fervent prayer and intercession, impacting lives through the power of collective spiritual engagement.

Kingdom Insight Hub
A sacred space for strategic thinkers to collaborate in addressing and resolving concerns, issues, and gaps within the kingdom. This collective brainstorming will lead to the creation of virtual training and workshops, impacting the global church. Your insights matter in shaping the future of our kingdom community!

Thriving Together: Virtual Workshops for Today’s World
A series of dynamic virtual workshops designed to address the pressing issues of our contemporary world. Our diverse range of sessions includes empowering marriage and parenting workshops, targeted men’s sessions, thought-provoking workshops for various generations, and impactful leadership development within the ministry context.

Man Cave Revival: A Spiritual Expedition for Men
An exclusive virtual haven for those seeking a transformative journey of faith. Dive into this immersive experience focused on discipleship, personal growth, and meaningful spiritual discussions.  Man Cave provides the perfect backdrop for forging connections and exploring the depths of your spiritual path. Join us on this extraordinary spiritual expedition, where camaraderie, faith, and personal revival converge. It’s time for a revival in the “Man Cave”-are you ready?

Excellence Unleashed: Empowering Preachers for Impactful Ministry
Embark on a transformative journey with “excellence unleashed”, a specialized program offering comprehensive training and development for preachers in the domains of preaching, leadership, and pastoral counseling who have not received formal seminary training. Whether in viritual or in-person settings, our mission is to cultivate the skills essential for impactful ministry leadership and sustainable growth.

Explore each facet of our consortium, and discover how Kingdom Impact Network is shaping the digital landscape for Kingdom purposes. Join us on this transformative journey of faith and community.

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